Evil Unseen

“I’m an educated man in the 21st century. Of course I don’t believe in God.”

These are the words of a well-known sports commentator and analyst in California whose podcast I was listening to awhile back when I heard that statement. It stunned me for a minute, but that’s becoming more of the rule than the exception in society today.

My first year of college, I was in a Humanities class with several other Christian freshmen. We started studying world religions, and when we got to the section on Judeo-Christianity, the professor and the material started attacking God, the Bible, Judaism, and Christianity. Pretty relentlessly, I may add. These attacks and other “higher educational thought and theory” led to a falling-away from the faith for a few of these students that had previously hung onto their faith in the midst of adversity.

In their song, “Evil Unseen,” Becoming the Archetype proclaims,

“Compromise your faith and doom your generation. The cancer of mind-worship will leave your spirit to decay.”

Being back in the field of college education, I realize again how important it is to grow in your faith as you grow in earthly knowledge, and mostly how the two are connected. As Christians, we need to grow and develop our minds, but alongside our faith. For us, the two are not separate entities, and they need to mature together. Grow in education, so you can reasonably discuss issues with the world, but also grow in your faith, so that you can stand firm when “higher theory and thought” try to use intellect to tear you down.