Today on Seth Godin’s blog, he put a disclaimer on the end of it announcing that his post for tomorrow would be about an hour later than usual. He felt the need to apologize for an hour of inconsistency.

I can’t even keep a consistent “Music Monday” or “Fan Friday” series going for longer than week or two. Admittedly, I’m not the most consistent blogger you’ve ever read.

I suppose these things just take a sense of discipline. That’s what I’ve read from consistent bloggers anyway.

How do you discipline yourself to be consistent?


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2 thoughts on “(In)Consistency”

  1. Ha! I’m the guy that has two or three ‘I’m really going to do this’ posts saying that I’m going to start blogging regularly. It’s one of those things you either have time/priority for or not. I have the same problem with books. I have a stack of good books to read, and I have even started some of them, but never finished. I got nothing man…

  2. Haha – I have a stack of books too. I just meandered over here from michaelhyatt.com and thought I’d answer your question. I, too, am just starting out the blogging thing and finding consistency is difficult for me as well. I’ll share a few thoughts that may or may not help you – 1) I use Evernote to keep ideas in a workflow that goes: 1. Brainstorming, 2. Outlined, 3. Drafted. 4) Published. My original goal was to keep multiple things in progress at various stages so that I not only had a lot of material to pull from, but that nothing got published too quickly without some thought and a decent amount of revision.

    I’ve also been working very hard (and praying) to figure out where and how to focus my blog content so that everything I post isn’t just willy-nilly. Hope any of that helps. Best,


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